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Battle lines are being drawn on the best way for babies to sleep

Paediatricians say sharing a bed with your baby is dangerous, but anthropologists say it is natural and beneficial. Who''s right? Read more

Real reform must follow ruling on flawed NHS-DeepMind data deal

The NHS has been censured for the way it shared patient data with DeepMind. Meaningful checks on big tech''s healthcare ambitions must follow, says Hal Hodson Read more

Why the “bisexuality hormone” study is not as simple as it seems

A link between prenatal hormone exposure and later sexual orientation is intuitively intriguing – but the study's problems go beyond small sample size Read more

Can renaissance in psychedelic drug research survive Trump era?

Psychedelics are poised to become treatments for mental illness and addiction but a renewed war on drugs could scupper this promise, says Kevin Franciotti Read more

Obamacare’s replacement a giant step backwards for US healthcare

A Republican overhaul of health reforms pledged by Donald Trump will turn out to be a big blow for the well-being of millions of Americans, warns Laudan Aron Read more

That faddish gluten-free diet may be raising your diabetes risk

Going gluten-free without a diagnosis? Growing evidence of potential health harms suggests you might want to think again, says Angry Chef Anthony Warner Read more

Why overzealous breastfeeding advice can be bad for babies

An excessive focus on breastfeeding at all costs in the first few days after birth may be harming babies when their mums can’t make enough milk Read more

Great lettuce crisis is a taste of climate crop chaos to come

The UK's lettuce shortage is a stark warning of how even the world's wealthy will find their food supply disrupted by climate change, warns Olive Heffernan Read more

Science stood apart from politics for a long time, not any more

A march for science to protest at Donald Trump's presidency has sparked debate about researchers getting too political. Why the fuss, wonders Michael Brooks Read more

Billionaires in space: A return to golden age of exploration

Space tourists will offset the costs of SpaceX R&D. And they herald a return to when rich benefactors not governments funded art, exploration and science Read more