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'Empire' Recap: When Lucious Is Away, the Other Lyons Will Play

While Lucious is bedridden, the other Lyons take the opportunity to get ahead on their own projects. Read more

Met police struggling to cope with soaring knife and gun crime

Britain’s biggest police force admitted it is battling an explosion in knife and gun crimes committed by young people as senior officers said it had become cool to carry weapons for status. Read more

MashReads Podcast: 'Exit West' is a stirring novel about the migrant crisis, with a fairytale twist

The book uses fantastical elements to explore our very real present. Read more

Give yourself a Heimlich manoeuvre to stay alive

New guidelines that illustrate how to deal with choking when nobody else is around should be provided, doctors at The Royal Brompton Hospital, London, argue. Read more

Little girl getting dragged by a merry-go-round is too relatable

This kid gets it. Read more

GUY ADAMS investigates the links between Uber and Cameron

When Uber hired Rachel Whetstone, 49, less than two years ago, it wasn’t just getting a new PR chief - it was obtaining the services of a woman with excellent political connections. Read more

'Friends' is Becoming an Off-Broadway Musical

I’ll be Off-Broadway for you. Read more

Eerie pictures reveal the desolate aftermath of the Wirral explosion

The busy road in New Ferry, Merseyside, was rocked by the huge explosion which completely destroyed the high street and left victims walking around 'covered in blood'. Read more

'Fake news' epidemic spreading to schools

More than a third of teachers say that students have cited false information they have found online, according to a poll by the NASUWT union. Read more

North Korea 'set to perform nuclear test to mark Day of the Sun'

US government officials believe North Korea has placed a nuclear device in a tunnel and plans to detonate it on Saturday as they prepare for their sixth nuclear test. Read more