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Google deprecates Octane JavaScript benchmark, because everyone is basically cheating

JavaScript engines have focused too much on the benchmark, to the detriment of the real world. Read more

Eye-catching indie game puts progressive ideals over depressing backdrop

The Man Came Around is a survival RPG about trying to escape a fascist dictatorship within a powerful nation. It’s full of trauma, stealth, moral choices, and death — so, you know, fun. The game, made by Belgian studio Pipette Inc, went live on Kickstarter yesterday. Win a trip to Amsterdam! We've teamed up with … Read more

Watch the evolution of these Street Fighter characters over 30 years

Street Fighter, as fighting games go, is in a league of its own.\u00a0After first releasing the title in 1987, Capcom has peppered us with a steady stream of iterative updates and new characters every few years to follow. A handful of characters have been punching and kicking each other in the face for over 30 … Read more

Online adverts 'exploit homeless for sex' - BBC News

Campaigners warn young, vulnerable, people are being offered rent-free accommodation in the deal. Read more

Google is revealing 'the new Google Earth' next week

Remember Google Earth? Once the coolest and most convenient way to explore the planet on a computer, the app has been largely cannibalized as Maps became ever more powerful. But Google hasn’t forgotten about it, and just sent out invites to the press for an event where it will unveil “the new Google Earth”. It … Read more

Microsoft Word 0-day was actively exploited by strange bedfellows

Same exploit used by malware crooks and nation-sponsored hackers targeting Russians. Read more

Snap will report earnings for the first time on May 10

Mark your calendars. Read more

Google brings in-browser VR to Cardboard

Google announced today that open virtual reality gallery WebVR would be available to Cardboard users. Now all you need is an Android phone and a Cardboard headset to use WebVR games. WebVR is a\u00a0VR standard that works within browsers. According to the site, “The goal is to make it easier for everyone to get into … Read more

This is the Jeff Bezos playbook for preventing Amazon’s demise

It’s Day 1 forever because Day 2 is death. Read more

Get up close and personal with Boeing’s svelte new\u00a0spacesuit

For its upcoming crewed spaceflight missions, Boeing worked with David Clark Company, a Massachusetts-based company that makes flight and aviation suits, as.. Read more